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Adorn the walls of your home with authentic joy.


One of the best ways to appreciate your family photography is to display the prints beautifully around your house.


To help you make the most of your images, I offer high-quality framing in a range of sizes and styles to best suit your interior aesthetic. Whether you prefer minimalist frames or show-stopping gallery walls, I’ve got something for everyone.


Family photos filled with natural joy also make the best gifts. Spread the love to grandparents, aunties, uncles, siblings and friends with a framed or mounted professional print.


You can browse my range of framing options below – and if you’re not sure which to opt for, I also offer varied collections to help make your decision easier!

Emma Tarn Photography
Emma Tarn Photography
Emma Tarn Photography
Emma Tarn Photography

"Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life."
- Lisa Weed

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Complete digital collection £595

Your family photographs deserve to be presented in a natural, high quality way that does them justice.

Your full gallery of high resolution digital images (at least 30 images) are provided via digital download.

The complete digital collection is perfect if you’ve fallen in love with all of your images, and want to have them all in a digital format to treasure forever.

I also offer the following groups of digital images from your gallery (via digital download):

5 digital images       £150

10 digital images     £290


8x8 Fine Art book        £320

The gorgeous albums I offer are printed using the latest pigment inks on to matte fine art paper and open out flat with an almost invisible crease.

You album comes as a 10 spread which allows the use of around 30 - 40 images, each page turn is the next chapter of your story.

Each album comes in a natural cotton bag and a cardboard presentation box to keep it clean and safe.

Choose from 3 essential cotton cover materials colours. The high quality 100% cotton material is available in Pebble, Carbon, Woodland and Denim.

Learn more about these stunning albums here.

Ten (10x8) professional mounted prints in a  soft touch box with a ribbon tie closure    £175

If you have a few firm favourites that truly stand out from the crowd, have them mounted and presented in a beautiful box to treasure or gift.


Your photos are displayed in white mount frames and printed on high quality fine art paper – perfect for both colour or black and white images. 


Your mounted prints are then presented in beautifully made soft touch box with a ribbon tie closure preventing any damage from dust or scratches.

You can also opt to purchase individual mounted prints for £65 each, but please note individual prints don’t come in a box.

These mounted prints in a beautiful box make wonderful keepsakes for family members – so if you’re seeking a gift with a difference, these are just perfect!

Emma Tarn photography, caterham
Emma Tarn photography, caterham

Fine Art Prints         Available up to print size 10x8

I offer the following groups of fine art prints from your gallery:

5 fine art prints       £140

10 fine art prints     £250

These fine art prints aren't any old prints! The smooth matte finish ensures no fingerprints are left behind and no glare bounces off your precious print. The particular paper I have selected for my prints also reproduces skins tone beautifully ensuring accurate reproduction of your chosen images.

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frame (1 of 1).jpg

Ready to hang frames from £130

42x30cm            £170.00

21x30cm             £130.00

Want the freedom to hang your chosen prints wherever you like in your home?


Opt to display your chosen image in a classic ready-to-hang frame. You can choose from different colours to suit your home interior – either light birch wood, sleek black or minimalist white. 

Framing and hanging your family photos is a classic way to decorate your home with precious memories. 


All the sustainable frames are sourced from an 100% plastic-free company.

Struggling to pick from the above?


Don’t worry. I offer three different collections of my products bundled together, with some exclusive discount thrown in on top. The collections list is sent directly to you when you enquire.

Feeling inspired to get some beautiful family snaps? Get in touch today to arrange your family photo shoot and let’s capture some joy!


Reducing plastic waste and living more sustainably is really important to me in my personal life – so it only makes sense that I extend that ethos right through to the products and packaging I offer you. 


Here are a few of the ways I weave sustainability through my business:


  1. I’ve sourced sustainable frames from an 100% plastic-free company.

  2. All my loose fine art prints are carefully wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper.

  3. Orders will be sent in compostable mailing bags and recyclable mailing boxes wherever possible.

  4. I use eco-friendly kraft paper tape to seal up all boxes.

  5. My logo stickers are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

  6. You’ll also receive a little planet-friendly surprise in your product package!


I’m continually looking into other ways my brand can be sustainable when it comes to wrapping and packaging.

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