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Frequently Asked Questions

Autumn Woodland family hug

Before your family photo session

How do I book a photoshoot with you?

Easy, send me an email at or fill in the contact form by clicking here.

All I need to ensure your booking is confirmed will be the session fee paid in full.

Please note, this payment is non-refundable.

Where do the photo sessions take place?

I really enjoy working outside and find that the outdoor environment helps to make for a relaxed session and a gorgeous natural backdrop. I can suggest some local locations for the session, equally I'm happy to shoot somewhere that's meaningful to your family.  

I work throughout Surrey and I'm happy to travel further upon request.

For newborn sessions or in-home sessions, I will come to you.

Can we book a weekend session?

Yes! Although weekend tends to get booked up quickly. So I'd advise if you have a particular date or time that is best for your family, please try and give me a few weeks notice so you aren't disappointed.

How long does a session last?

For family sessions, with four family members I normally advise to allow up to 90 mins, but I normally get a great range of images within an hour.

Help, what do we all wear?

My most important tip is wear something comfortable! Everyone needs to feel comfortable and confident in what they are wearing in order to feel and look most relaxed. I have put together a short style guide which can be found here.

Do I need to decide the product collection before the shoot?

Short answer, No.

After viewing the images on your online gallery, which will be live for 5 days, you can select which products  or collection you would like to purchase.

What if it rains or is cloudy?

Its not a problem to rearrange due to rain. Cloudy days actually provide very flattering light, so don't be afraid if its overcast on your booked date, the session can still go ahead. With light rain I normally suggest we proceed as planned, but of course if this changes to heavy rain we can reschedule!

What happens if my child is ill?
These things happen and I am more than happy to reschedule if this happens, I just kindly ask that you let me know as soon as possible.

 Mother and two sons in blossom park

At your family session

Im not a natural in front of the camera, will this make it hard work and unenjoyable?

Definitely not. Although children tend to be less inhibited than adults, please just view your session as a time to be with your children and creating memories, whilst I don't pose you as I want the images captured to be as natural as possible, I will give some direction to ensure you have a wide range of choice to fill your frames with.

What happens if the children aren't keen on the session day?

This happens, but I find knowing a few things about your children help me to engage with them and hopefully get them involved. As a parent I fully appreciate you have invested in the session and are keen to have you children happy and smiling for the camera, but please don't put pressure on them so that they act out of character, this will show through in the images captured. Leading up to the day explain the process and try to emphasise how much fun it will be.

Should I bring anything particular with me on a location shoot?

I normally advise to just bring a few snacks (not just for the children!) , a drink and a change of clothes for the younger children, just in case of any little accidents.

Can extended family be involved in the shoot?

Of course, I would love to capture all your generations together. Please just remember that any extra people you wish to add on cost £10 per person.

woodland autumn walk

After your session

What happens after the session?

After the shoot I will work through all your images and select the ones that I feel are truly expressive of your family and provide you with a good range to decide from.

Around 2 weeks later, I will upload these images to a password protected online gallery for you to view from your home.  You can decide then what you would like to do with them (images you select for products will be individually enhanced). 

The gallery will be live for 5 days for you to decide.

Why is the gallery only live for 5 days?

The limit on gallery time really helps you to hone in and decide the images you wish to select for products. The timeframe also allows me to give you my full attention should you need any help with choosing your products.

There is a £50 fee for extending this time for a further 3 days.

Do I get the photos in colour and black and white?

There will be a mixture of both for your purchased images, all images will come in colour and any images that work in black and white will be edited in both.

How and when do I pay?

I take the session fee upfront when a session is booked, I will invoice you via email, once your date and time has been confirmed.

Your products and/or collections can be decided after you have seen the final images and are paid for at the time of placing your order. I will not order any products until full payment for them has been received.


How long until we can view the photos online?

I will usually aim to have your gallery live within 1-2 weeks, depending on how many clients I have booked in. Don't worry, as soon as it is live I will send you an email and check it is convenient to upload your gallery for viewing!

Why does it take this long to receive our gallery?

Shooting the session is only part of the job, the workflow that follows this for a photographer is extensive. There is a lot of uploading, culling, enhancing, collating, producing, the list goes on. But be sure I am working hard to provide you the best outcome from your session :)

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