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Why book your family a mini session?

Summer is drawing to a close (boohoo), a new school term has started, why not have something to look forward too and book an Autumn mini session!

Perfect to update your current frames, have some fun and create memories in an idyllic setting!

emma tarn photography

1. Professional imagery for a great price!

Mini sessions are PERFECT if you are on a stricter budget, but still want some gorgeous professional portraits of you and your family to fill your walls.

Autumn is a great time of year with the glorious colours nature has to offer, creating warm and cosy photos you'll treasure for years to come.

2. They are supper speedy photo sessions!

Some parents worry their little ones won't be keen on a long photo session and will tire quickly, however my exclusive mini sessions are IDEAL for those who are time conscious and perfect for slotting into a busy family day. You will still get a lovely range of family moments capture in your private gallery.

3. Perfect if you already have frames or albums to fill!

Mini sessions are perfect if you want to get up to date portraits to your current frames and albums with or give a meaningful gift to family and friends.

My mini sessions include a fine art print and its digital, which you can use to create your own products, more is available to purchase but no obligation to do so! Just ask for my upgrade prices at booking!

4. The date, time and location is set for you!

This means everything is all sorted for you.

My 2021 Autumn mini sessions are being held in a beautiful woodland garden near Croydon.

The location will provide a beautiful backdrop for our shoot, complete with magical woodland and ornamental gardens. Gorgeous autumnal colours abound, creating warm and cosy portraits!

5. A great way to trial a photographer before investing in a full session!

Mini sessions are significantly cheaper than standard sessions, perfect if it's your first time having a family photoshoot or first time using me as your photographer as I fully appreciate it can be daunting having photography your family can be daunting someone photograph you and your family.

With this in mind, I aim to be relaxed and unobtrusive in my shoots, to observe what is happening right in front of me creating an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved.

Find out more about your family photographer here -

And if a mini session sounds like something you'd love, have a peek at the dates and times available to book now -

emma tarn photography

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