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What to wear on a Winter family session - Surrey, Caterham

Its that time of year where people ask each other, have you turned on your heating yet?

I'm in camp - Yes! the mornings are coooooooold!

But don't let the colder weather put you off from booking an outdoor photo session!

The Autumnal shades of red, orange and yellow are slowly fading as the winds come in, but there is still gorgeous soft light to be found in wooded areas and gorgeous winter memories with your family to be captured.

Wont it be too cold?

When it comes to dressing for an outdoor winter session think layers!! Thick socks, cosy scarves, and comfy hats. There is also no better excuse for indulging in a hot chocolates or before the session and one after, I certainly will be!

Heres my top 3 tips for keeping warm during an outdoor winter session:

  1. Blanket cuddles! A large blanket will be perfect for those cosy and cuddly moments you want captured for your albums and you will definitely be warm!

  2. Jump around, play tag! This is a sure way to get the whole family warm and smiling with rosy cheeks, the kids will love it!

  3. Hand warmers! These little gems are great for quick bursts of warmth to cold hands and they stay in your coat pocket so keep you extra toasty too!

For more inspiration, please check out my Pinterest board 'What to wear Winter 2021' -

Do you want some cosy memories captured before the end of 2021, drop me a message and lets chat!

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