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What to wear on a family session?

Spring is slowly emerging (very slowly) and lockdown is easing gradually, so what better time to plan a family photo session!?

To help take the stress out of wondering what you should wear to make yourself feel comfortable and the photos look stunning, I have popped a few do's and don'ts below with some Spring/Summer Pinterest images to get the creative juices flowing, enjoy!

Choose several complimenting colors and stick to them. Pick some of your hues that coordinate

well together and stick to them. What are your family’s favorite colours? Don’t choose one color for the whole family - multiple colors will add dimension to your images.

Pick one pattern and go from there. Avoid dressing the whole family in patterns. A good idea is to choose

one item, a dress for example, with a pattern containing the colours you love. Then choose colors from the item that you love for the other family members to wear.

Be comfortable. Make sure that everyone’s clothing fits properly and is weather appropriate. If you’re hot

or cold during your session it’s less likely that you’ll appear happy and relaxed in your photos. This is

especially true for children. If you feel good in your clothes it shows!

Do: Wear layers!! Layers add dimension and depth to your images. If it’s hot outside layer with accessories - cute belts, necklaces, bracelets,etc. If it’s cool weather cardigans, vests, scarves, boots and hats are all great examples. Avoid graphics on clothing - accessorise instead!

Do: Purchase clothes that fit your body. It can be tempting to buy kids

clothing a size bigger so they’ll have room to grow, but for photo sessions it’s not the best idea. Avoid looking sloppy by wearing well fitting garments.

Do: Start with one outfit and build the rest of the family clothing from there. It can be overwhelming trying to choose all the outfits at once so start small and build from there. Everything doesn’t have to be new, shop your closet!

Don’t: Wear neon colors. They don’t photograph well and cast colours onto the skin of those who are wearing them. No one wants a bright yellow face!

Don’t: Match! Matching is out, coordinating is in. Remember, it doesn’t have to match, it just has to GO. Outfits should complement each other, not match each other.

Don’t: Choose colors that match the scenery. If you’re doing a lot of outdoor photos for example, avoid wearing a lot of green as you’ll blend in too much with the background. Of course pops of green here and there are fine!

Don’t: Wear solid black or solid white clothing. These colours don’t show dimension when photographed and make for dull, boring images.

A family photo session really is a worthy investment, if you’d love to have a collection of joyful family photos to treasure, please do drop me a message and lets get making some memories!

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