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Meet the maker March 2021

Week Three and Four


Is my photography business full time, Yes.

Do I have another job, Yes.

It only dawned on me the other day and when I was feeling a little burnt out, that I actually have two jobs.

I currently work 4 days a week as an administrator and have recently relaunched (full steam ahead mode) my photography business. Thankfully me weekly day off, gives me time to plan and market my photography and when shoots are up and running again, to book sessions, edit etc. But at the moment, I'm slotting in time to focus on my photography where I can - evenings seem to be winning on this front. I have committed to finishing Meet the maker 2021 which I am determined to do, I'm also in the process of finalising my Spring mini sessions which all takes time and planning amongst other things.

Once I have these things launched and finalised, hoping early April, I will be returning to using Friday as my main business focus day to ensure I achieve balance between my two jobs and allow myself downtime and rest!

How do you practice R+R? Inspire me in the comments below!

Wrapped & packaged

With my relaunch, I wanted my brand to be known for its part in sustainability. I didn't even consider half the things I have come across when researching products for my packaging, there are so many eco friendly items!! Alot also comes from small businesses so it felt good to be supporting these aswell.

So how will my clients product orders be packaged in a sustainable way?

♻️ loose fine art prints will be wrapped in 100 % recycled tissue paper

♻️ where possible, orders will be sent in compostable mailing bags and recyclable mailing boxes

♻️ Eco friendly kraft paper tape used to seal boxes

♻️ my logo stickers are biodegradable and eco friendly

♻️ clients will also receive a little eco friendly suprise included in their product package

I am still looking into other ways my brand can be sustainable when it comes to wrapping and packaging, so any tips or local suppliers please feel free to let me know in the comments!


This was a hard one.

But once I had thought about it the reaction of my clients and their testimonials they provide after receiving back their gallery or products, is one of theBEST feelings as a small business owner offering a service.

Despite having photographed for a number of years now, I still get major anxiety when it comes to sending the client their gallery of photos.As a small business you have put you heart and soul into that finished product and its makes your heart sing when the clients loves their finished product and is thrilled with the service.

One of the best ways I have found to ease these niggling worries, is to periodically go back through and read my previous clients reviews, a few of my favourites I have shared below.


Second to last day of meet the maker!

If you have followed the month so far on my stories and posts, THANK YOU! I hope that you feel like you have got to know me better and the photography brand I am trying to develop.

Today is all about Range, which I thought was a good opportunity to remind you all of the beautiful ways your images can be displayed with the products I have to offer.

  • Mounted Professional Prints and a Handcrafted Box - makes a wonderful keepsake for yourself or gifting to family members

  • Storyboard Quad Frame - tell a story through your photos and create a striking gallery wall in your home.

  • Ready to hang frame - available in 3 different sizes - the classic way to decorate your home with your precious memories.

  • All your digital images on a USB - perfect if you’ve fallen in love with all of your snaps, and want to have them all in a digital format to treasure forever.

I offer three different collections of my products bundled together, with some exclusive discount thrown in on top!

Looking forward

Over the coming weeks, months and year I am hoping to grow my small business and become established in my local area. The course I recently completed has really reignited my photography passion!

Short term, I am looking forward to launching my first ever mini session dates tommorow and kick starting the year with a returning clients family session this weekend 💛

Enjoy the long weekend everyone and thank you for following my journey on this years Meet the maker!


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