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Meet the maker March 2021

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Week Two

Work in progress

My business goal this year is to Blog and it is definitely a work in progress.

I want to provide you compelling content that will appeal to you, my follower.

I am currently working on a blog looking at Why frame family photographs?

So many of us use our devices to take snapshots, but what happens with them after that? Aren't we all guilty of just leaving them in the digital world, but this future blog post will hopefully remind you how important it is and how passionate I am about your family photographs being displayed in your home.

Learning curve

So my learning curve for my relaunch has been ongoing since January when I started Vicki Knights 'Delight and Dream' course for Family photographers.

The comprehensive course run by Vicki, who has over 12 years experience, has really reignited my passion for my family photography business .

It's opened my eyes to producing an immersive website, offering beautiful & timeless products, a seamless workflow and most importantly aligning my brand and business. It has also been great working alongside the other photographers on the course, sharing ideas, tips, industry knowledge etc.

Bring on 2021, where I'm sure to come across many more learning curves in running my family photography business!

Small detail

One of my gorgeous new products I am offering is supplied by Folio Albums who describe themselves as, 'leaders in the handcrafting of fine art photographic products.'

If you fall in love with all of your gallery and want to have them in a digital format to treasure forever or if you have a few firm favourites that you choose to have as mounted prints, both products come beautifully presented in an 100% environmentally-sound cotton covered box. The boxes have two ways of closing, either with a ribbon tie or concealed magnets.

They ensure your images are transformed into wonderful keepsakes for yourself and forgifting to family members.


I hate talking about myself, but here's five get to know me facts:

  1. I live in Caterham, Surrey with my husband and we've recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary.

  2. I'm a wife, daughter, sister and auntie. I have 2 Nephews and 6 Nieces, who I all absolutely adore and they range from the ages of 2 to 20!

  3. One word, CHOCOLATE, I will eat any in vast quantities and sometimes don't know when to stop!

  4. When I'm not out photographing or editing a session, you will find me enjoying a good book on my Kindle, going on a country ramble or rock climbing!

  5. I love to grow my own vegetables, we live in a flat with no outdoor space, so I use my mums garden. I'm currently planting Tomatoes, Basil, Broad Beans and runner beans to name a few.

These are all things I also share also with my followers on my IG stories, so you can peek into my own adventures, that way you can get to know me a little better before you invite me to capture your families own adventures. So, if you aren't already, make sure you are following me on Instagram. Tap the image below to take you straight to my feed -

In use

As a photographer my aim and mission from a photo session is to adorn the walls of your home with authentic joy.

My product list is brand new and designed to help you appreciate your family photography and display the prints beautifully around your home. So how can your family photos be displayed? Here's a couple of my favourite products I have to offer -

Story board Quad Frame

The storyboard frame presents four chosen photographs, helping you to create a visual narrative. A perfect way to showcase your images, tell a story through photos and create a striking gallery wall in your home. The storyboard frame makes a unique gift for a friend or family member, too!

Four photos in a frame
Storyboard quad frame

Mounted Professional Prints

Your photos are displayed in white mount frames and printed on high quality fine art paper – perfect for both colour or black and white images. Mounted prints also make wonderful keepsakes for family members – so if you’re seeking a gift with a difference, these are just perfect.

I also offer three different collections of my products bundled together, with some exclusive discount thrown in on top.


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