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Meet the maker March 2021

Week Three

Focus and priorities

Whilst I have been photographing families for over 5 years,along with weddings, engagements, properties etc lockdown (sorry to mention that dreaded word) gave me the needed time to re-assess what it is I wanted to do with my photography.

While reflecting over the past year by looking back on my shoots, my clients, reviews of my work and so on, I decided family photography was what I wanted to focus on. Why? Family sessions are so much fun! I love to meet the families, their children and to learn about them, and most impotantly capture their fleeting memories os that they can look back on these for years to come.

During the course I recently attended, I learnt in depth about my style, my strengths and most importantly, how to provide a service to my clients that would delight them.

My main priority and focus was creating my website! I had never had a dedicated site or space for my families, but this has now all changed! My focus is still very much my website and getting it out there, but also to collaborate with other small, local and sustainable businesses over the coming months.

From the archive

For todays Meet the maker (day 12) I thought I would go to the bottom of my Instagram page to my first posts in 2015!

These all feel like they were taken just yesterday, where does time go?

When you look back on your older work it can make you cringe, but I also think it shows great testament to how far you have come, everyone has to take the time to lear, grow and experiment with their creative style.

I have definitely always been drawn to capturing joyful, natural expressions and moments. And that has flowed through my family, wedding and engagement sessions.

I'm also proud of how far I have come since then and hope this year to capture many more memories and snapshots in time for my clients to look back on for years to come.

Happy children, bride and groom, floral
Reflecting on past Instagram posts


For day 17 I wanted to share what a photographer does post photo-sessions. Hopefully you find it interesting! I have also done a quick little editing video to accompany it😊

So once a shoot is over the first major job is to back up those photos! Then it goes a little something like this:

📷 Importing all images to lightroom (or other editing software)

📷 Culling once, twice maybe three times! Taking the images down from approx 300+ to 50

📷 Enhancing each final selected image carefully

📷 Exporting of final images

📷 Online gallery setup

📷 Client email for online gallery viewing

📷 Blogging about the session/sneak peeks

📷 Product ordering for client

📷 Packaging of products ordered

📷 Delivering/posting products to client

📷 Follow up email to client.

Every photographer works differently, so this list isn't exhaustive, but hopefully it gives you a little behind the scenes of the work that goes on after your session.


For todays Meet the maker, I was a little stuck on what to talk about colour-wise. I then thought it was a good opportunity to talk about my products and the colours options I have to offer.

To help you make the most of your images, I offer high-quality framing in a range of sizes and styles to best suit your interior aesthetic. Whether you prefer minimalist frames or show-stopping gallery walls, I’ve got something for everyone.

The colour choices for my gorgeous 100% cotton-covered boxes that I present your digitals or mounted prints in are: carbon (dark grey), pebble (light grey) or woodland (light box).

Light grey, dark grey and light brown cotton
100% cotton-covered box colours

I selected these three colours as they are all neutral, calming and timeless, perfect for any home interior aesthetic!

The ready to hang frames and storyboard quad frame I offer come in light birch wood, sleek black or minimalist white.

Timeless and classic choices, in order to enhance and compliment your photograph held within.

Silver linings

'Train your mind to see the good in every situation.'

As the prompt for today said, it's no secret that 2020 was a difficult year for everyone.

Looking back I have many things to be thankful for - our health, my friends and families health, being able to work from home and earn a wage, food on our table, clothes on our back, a roof over our head to name but a few.

In term of my photography with the slowing down of life, less time spent on commuting, restrictions on where you could go and what you could do meant I had alot of spare time. This allowed me to think about (gulp) the business side of things.

I decided I really wanted to start taking it more seriously, to hopefully turn it into my main source of income (I work 4 days a week in administration) and workwith a clear brand message & ethos for my clients.

The course I recently attended really helped me clarify lots of things that I haven't been sure on in the past and I'm looking forward to the months ahead and hope you are too!


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