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Caterham soft-play - 5 minute mini sessions

"Emma is a lovely warm and friendly photographer. She made my little ones feel comfortable and smile in seconds. Emma created beautiful pictures for us to treasure."

I recently did a pop up 5 minute mini session at my local soft-play, BEACH Caterham, for parents and their little ones.

It was a huge success with lovely portraits captured and some great feedback!

If you are local to the area, why not book a session at BEACH and enjoy a cup of coffee while your little ones play and make new friends.

Use the button below to contact to their Facebook page!

"BEACH is for adults who encourage play by bringing kids together to have carefree fun. Why? Because adults need a place to relate, and kids need a place to make forever friends. We are located in Caterham."

Keep an eye out on my social media for more events!

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