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Which should I go for - your family mini sessions or your custom family photography sessions?

Good question! The two types of family shoot I offer have a few big differences, so it’s important you opt for the one that best suits your family.

Family mini sessions are a little different to my custom family sessions. 


Standard family sessions are more of an investment – the shoots are longer, and you’ll get 30+ edited images in your gallery to choose from. 


My mini sessions…


  • They’re super quick morning sessions, so perfect for slotting in during a busy day. However, if your kids need a little time to warm up and feel comfortable, this may not be suitable.

  • The mini session date, time and location is set. This means everything is all sorted for you.

  • Mini sessions are significantly cheaper than standard sessions, perfect if it's your first time having a family photoshoot!

  • These sessions are themed – this spring, the mini session theme is Canola (Yellow rapeseed flowers).


My standard family sessions…


  • The standard sessions are considerably longer – up to 90 minutes! This gives shy children plenty of time to warm up, and I get the chance to snap lots more images.

  • These sessions also give you more creative flexibility. We can include outfit changes, and you can pick a special location close to your heart.

  • You can add as many extra people to the standard sessions as you like – whereas my mini sessions are limited to four people only.

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